Recoversure has a bespoke end-to-end claims management portal for motor fleets and ride share businesses.


We believe the traditional method of managing motor claims is time-consuming and inefficient, with challenges around real-time reporting, visibility of claims and resourcing.
As a result, our approach is to partner with you to provide complete transparency and tailored reporting on all aspects of your claims management process. Ultimately, this will enable you to focus on your core business.
When using our portal, you will be able to view each claim in real-time with insights into costs and progress, providing full transparency and all-round better claims handling.
Not only does this improve your time efficiencies, but you can also measure the performance of your supply network and drive further financial savings.
End-to-end claims management portal

End-to-end claims
management portal

Tailored real-time reporting

Tailored real-time

Streamlined operations and reduced costs

Streamlined operations
and reduced costs

Powerful business intelligence

Powerful business