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Digitally transform your fleet and reduce the claims lifecycle with Recoversure’s claims management services.

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Our services.

Our solutions are designed to maximise performance and minimise downtime for your fleet – utilising cutting edge digital technology combined with tailored workflows to get vehicles back on the road quickly. Our team is 100% dedicated to providing claims management solutions that are easier, faster and more cost efficient, simplifying the process and giving you the support that you need. We have a fully digitally enabled claims management system, increasing the chance of receiving recoveries from at fault parties and allowing third party interventions. This results in improved efficiencies all around, reducing the off road times for vehicles that need repairs and dramatically reducing the claims lifecycle so that you can get back to focusing on what’s really important.
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About us.

We’ve been providing exceptional claims management services and leveraging the latest technology to benefit our customers for over 30 years. Our partnerships with the country’s top insurance companies have allowed us to remain at the forefront of this space. We are an independently owned, Australian operated business with an in depth understanding of the industry and a dedication to excellence. Whether it’s accident or claims management, under excess claims or telematics integration, we can provide the support you need for your fleet.
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Our team.

Our experienced team is always here to help guide you through our claims management system and the complex world of insurance. We are committed to delivering maximum efficiency to ensure your claims experience is streamlined from start to finish. We understand the importance of minimising downtime and consistently improving the performance of your fleet. This is why our claims management team combines the latest technology with tailored workflow solutions, allowing your business to operate smoothly and enjoy continued success.

We provide better, faster and more cost efficient claims for your fleet with our innovative solutions. Press the icon to play the video!


The customer experience.

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QR code technology.

Our QR code technology revolutionises the claims process, making it easier and faster to capture images whenever an accident occurs and gather the evidence you need.
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Digital assessment.

We understand that speed and accuracy are the keys to a successful claims management system, so we digitally assess your claim for optimum results.
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Faster repair time.

Our team works with the repairer of your choice to deliver a streamlined journey to quickly get your vehicle back on the road, lowering downtime and helping your business return to operating as normal.
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24/7 real time reporting.

You can track your claims with our real time fully digitally enabled claims management portal that’s easy to use and access anywhere, anytime.
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Reduced claims lifecycle.

Digitally transform your fleet, reduce the claims lifecycle and gain greater insights with our innovative solutions thanks to our world class claims management system that puts your business first.
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Dedicated claims team.

To streamline and drive efficiencies in your fleet management operations, talk to our hands on claims experts today. With over three decades of experience, we know how to provide the claims management services that you need and provide streamlined results you need.

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